• Coy A. Starr



    1st Period:  Civics and Economics

    2nd Period: World History

    3rd Period:  Civics and Economics

    4th Period:  Planning Period


    Best Contact Time:  1:27 - 3:08.


    All assignments for my classes are located on the Google Classroom website and/or the Canvas website. 

    In order to access Canvas:


    Log on to the Fairmont High School webite.


    At the Fairmont High School website, click on the "Home Base" icon.

    After typing in your student number and password at the Powerschool login, scroll down and highlight/click on "Canvas" on the left side of the website.

    Highlight and click on the class you wish to view the assignments.  All assignments/lectures are posted for past and current Units.

    We have learned in class how to load the Canvas app on student phones.  To do so:


    Go to the App store for you cellular device.

    Find the Canvas app and load the app onto your phone.  You may be directed to load a "student/teacher" version OR you may be asked to load the "parent" version.  In class we have loaded the student/teacher version.


    When the app is loaded, you will be asked to "find your school."  Begin to type "Robeson County Public Schools."  You will be asked to if our school is the correct school, to this question you will select the approrpriate response for your device. 

    If you have any questios, please contact me at coy.starr@robeson.k12.nc.us.