We have a tremendous opportunity here to make a difference in our children's school.. There are certain undeniable principles that enhance our children's education experience. Parent participation is one of those principles. The more involved you get, the better school experience your child will receive. You give of your time, your attention and your energy, and your child reaps the reward.


    The greater the number of involved parents, the greater impact we will be able to have on the world our children study in. The power of the PTA is the coordination of many individuals efforts to further every child's opportunity. Take this opportunity to get involved.


    Get involved…you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Contact an officer today!!!!
    President:  Salome Crawford
    Vice President:  Mia Manning
    Secretary:  Michelle Ivey
    Treasurer:  Debbie Leggett
Last Modified on August 21, 2016