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    Working together, parents and teachers can help children have a successful school year! All children can learn, and all children deserve a quality education. Our schools face a variety of challenges in handling the fast-paced student growth and in meeting the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and economic circumstances. By working with parents and communities, schools can turn these challenges into opportunities.

    How can I work with my child's teacher to support school success?

    It is important that your child see that you and her teacher have a mutually respectful relationship. Teachers have training and experience to help your child do well in school. If your child is having difficulty, her teacher will usually know what kind of extra support she needs and be able to help you find that support. Teachers should feel comfortable approaching you with information about your child. They should take time to communicate positive information as well as areas of concern.

    As a parent, or an adult who plays an important role in the life of a child, your involvement in your child's education at school and at home shows your child that you value education. Teachers can see that you care about your children's learning. You can provide teachers with the most reliable source of information about your child. The partnership between you and your child's teacher is powerful!

Last Modified on August 27, 2012