• Creating Your Webpage!

    The information below is intended to get you started on your webpage(s).  Once you are familiar with the program and how things work, you will find shortcuts to get some of the things done.  Lots of luck and if you have any questions please contact the Media Center.
    1.  Go to the Robeson County website, www.robeson.k12.nc.us
    2.  In the bottom right corner click on schools. 
         Locate and click on L. Gilbert Carroll Middle.
         You are now at the Carroll Middle website.
    3.  On the home page in the middle click the yellow button that says "Sign In".  Another page will open.
         Your sign-in name is the same as your email (first name.last name).
         Example:  (erin.hunt)...thats all you type in!!!!!
         Your password is the same one for your email and computer logon.  Click on 'sign-in'.
         You are now back at the Carroll Middle homepage.
    4.  Click on 'My Account' at the same location where you clicked sign in.  You are taken to a page
         You should now be taken to YOUR homepage.  You will see your name at the top of the page.
    5.  Underneath the My account section you will see site manager.  
         Click on 'site manager'.  Another page will open.  This is where you
         will add your pages such as homework, word list, supplies, projects, notes,
         news, etc.  You do not have to use or keep the pages that are currently listed. 
         By un-checking the boxes, that page becomes in-active and will not show on
         your site. 
    6.  My Homepage.....by clicking on the page name, 'My Homepage', another
         window opens that will allow you to edit that page.  Right now it ask for your 
         name, grade level, subject, email, and a photo.  You can change that if you like
         by simply deleting and adding what you want.  Then click on 'SAVE'
    7.  View your page...once you save your work, you can click on 'view website' at the top of
         the page and see what your work looks like.  Then go back to 'site manager'
         to continue working.
    8.  Once back on the 'site manager' page, click on 'new page' located at the
         top left.  A new page opens.  Here you would select the type of page you need. 
         Normally you would select 'FLEX PAGE' unless you are doing an article, file,
         links or map.  Another page opens......name your new page, select 'title and
         text', then click on 'SAVE'.  Once saved, you are taken back to the page that
         lists your pages.
    9.  Your New Page.....locate your new page in the list and click on the name.  It
         opens up.  Delete the sample text shown and you are ready to begin.  Here you
         can type, add clipart, the program works a lot like microsoft word with lots of
         publishing extras.  If you mouse over all the little icons it will tell you want it is.
    10. Once you have your page the way you want it, click on 'SAVE'.  Then view your
    11. Make sure when you finish...you click on  'SIGN OUT'!!!!!
Last Modified on January 7, 2020