•                                 Welcome to Ms. Troy's 6th grade Math Page 


    Hello! Welcome to another fantastic year at Red Springs Middle School as one of the infamous IMPS! I look forward to a year of prosperity and growth with with my Red Springs Middle School family. With great excitement I will be entering my 3rd year of teaching Math at RSMS. It is with great honor that I take pride in giving back to the same community of which I was born and raised to be a leader for our youth. As your 6th grade math teacher we will explore Ratios and Proportions, Number Systems, Geometry, Expressions and Equations, and Statistics/Probability. 


    I have 3 wonderful children aged 8, 2, and 11 months old. Education is very important and Math is essential in our everyday lives. I hope that my students learn to love Math as much as I do because possibilities are endless once you understand the concept of Math in the real word. Parents and students, together we will make this an awesome school year. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at (910) 843-3883 or via email at karin.troy@robeson.k12.nc.us!