• Lumberton Junior High School                       Language Arts 8th Grade



    Teacher - Thomasania Craft/Shaunette Meekins                 

    Email - thomasania.craft@robeson.k12.nc.us            shaunette.meekins@robeson.k12.nc.us                                   


    Welcome! I am excited about having YOU in class this semester.  THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CLASS THAT YOU WILL TAKE!  We will have a lot of fun and we will also work very hard.  I will challenge you to do your best.  Students who are interested in literature will enjoy the many reading selections, while students who have had problems in English class (Especially with Reading and Writing) will have many opportunities to improve their reading skills and to become more successful in the classroom.



    The course will revolve around the study of the major genres of Literature (Short Stories, Essays, Poetry, Drama, Novels, and Informational Literature). There will be an emphasis on literary terms and techniques and their application to the reading.  You will be asked to read, write, speak, think, view, and listen during the process of studying the selected pieces of literature.  



    1 five subject notebook, a pack of index cards, rolls of tape or glue sticks, scissors, and pencils/pens will be required for use each day! 



    Textbook: HMH Into Literature.

    We will also use various educational websites, videos, and audios related to literature and writing.  You will often be asked to read literature selections other than the textbook, including at least four to six full-length novels. 



    Tests= 30%

    Projects = 30%

    Class work, Quizzes, Notebook Checks = 30%

    Homework = 10% of the grade. 


    Attendance: Regular attendance is critical for success. It enables the student to understand assignments, and take advantage of the guidance provided by the teacher. It is the student’s responsibility to get any missed work and complete it in a timely manner.


    Late Work and Make-up Work:  After an absence, a student will receive make up work upon their return to school.  It is the student’s responsibility to pick up any work they missed while they were absent. Students are responsible for turning in assignments on the due dates. If a student turns in an assignment after the due date, 10% will be deducted off the assignment for every day it is late. Students will have a minimum of ONE day per missed school day to make up assigned work. The teacher will determine special circumstances.  The notes, worksheets, or other materials that they missed will always be located in the “ABSENT BINDER” folder that is hanging on the wall of our classroom.



    1. Be Responsible
    1. Listen to and follow directions the first time
    2. Come to class prepared to learn and on time
    3. Follow classroom standard standard operating procedure
    4. Stay on task
    5. Turn assignments in on time and as requested
    6. Be Respectful
    7. Dont talk when others are talking
    8. Listen to others and keep an open mind
    9. Use kind words and actions
    10. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself



    All classroom rituals and routines will be practiced so that students are familiar with the order of class as they become familiar with the culture of the class.  Each day, students are required to be prepared for class.  If classroom expectations are not followed, consequences will be given as follows:

                1st Offense: Verbal Warning

                2nd Offense: Seat change

                3rd Offense: Parent Contact

                4th Offense: Office Referral

    In order for learning to take place, students are expected to be present in the class.  Unless there is an emergency, students are limited to leaving out of the classroom.  There are no exceptions unless the student has an emergency or a medical note. In order to leave the classroom, students must a hallway pass. 




    PARENTS:  Please feel free to call me for a conference during my planning period at  or send me an email  if you have any questions about anything we are doing in class.  Also, please encourage your child to come to school every day and to do their best.  Your signature below indicates that you will support teachers and help your child when needed this semester.  We will call on you for help if the need should arise. 


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