• Brittany Hammonds
    "Mrs. H"

    Fairmont High School Year 1

    Mathematics Department
    910.628.6727 (Main Office)
    910.240.4821 (Google Voice)


    In order to stay connected during this time, I will be using Google Classroom, Remind, Google Hangouts and Google Meet. You may find all of your students upcoming assignments on Google Classroom. Each week (as needed), I will post a weekly module for students to complete as well as live, virtual lectures for students to join me. Any further instructions on their assignments will be posted as an announcement on the classroom site.

    Google Classroom for 1st/3rd Periods can be found here. Use the code: eahg7lh
    (Note: 7 *lowercase L* h)
    Google Classroom for 2nd (Honors) can be found here. Use the code: 2a4hdt2

    Parents, PLEASE join Google Classroom AND Remind to stay connected during this transitional time. We are #bettertogether! Let's work collaboratively to ensure our students reach their highest potentials and greatest academic success despite the uncertain circumstances. 

    Class Schedule:

    1st Period -- Math I   8:00 - 9:37
    2nd Period -- Honors Math I .  9:42 - 11:19
    3rd Period -- Math I  11:24 - 1:26
    4th Period -- Planning   1:26 - 3:08
    The best time to contact me is during planning or after school. You may call or text me directly on my Google Voice number, listed above. You may also join my Remind classes to stay in contact with your student's assignments and due dates.
    To join Remind:

    1A: Text @fhs1920m to 81010

    1B: Text @fhs1920ma to 81010

    2nd: Text @fhs1920mat to 81010

    3A: Text @dd278e6 to 81010

    3B: Text @e33eec to 81010

    Note: 1st and 3rd periods are split classes, meaning your child will spend 45 minutes with me and the other 45 minutes with Coach Brown for Earth Science. Depending on which class your child goes to first, their Remind class may have an A or B behind their period. For example, if your child comes to me at the beginning of 3rd period, your child is enrolled in Remind Class 3A. If you need to verify this, please feel free to contact me.