• We are sailing in uncharted waters. As we learn how to cope with the distance learning this spring, let's please be patient with each other as we figure this out.

    If you do not have regular access for students to complete online work, please contact me through my email, merri.sayler@robeson.k12.nc.us, or through this phone number, 910-370-1822. I will try to make all accomodations possible to keep your student learning and on target to be successful for English 1/ English 1 Honors.

    Currently my assignments are posted in Google Classroom for each period. Your student has had access at school to this so should be able to log in to check for assignments. 

    Packets were given out for English 1/ English 1 Honors last week for anyone who did not have interent access. Students can take a photograph of answers and text them to the number above or email them to me if they do not have internet access. The packets are identical to what is in Google Classroom so they only need to complete one or the other - not both. 

    Please make sure I have a parent email or working phone number so we can keep up with the coursework. I greatly appreciate your support through this difficult time. If I can be of assistance to you and your family, please contact me.

    Y'all stay safe! 


    Mrs. Sayler