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    COVID-19 Update: 
    Students enrolled in Band and Chorus classes should have received an invite to join the appropriate Google Classroom for their class. Students will receive 1 to 2 assignments/activities to complete each week while school is not in session.
    If they did not, students may join the Google Classroom using the classroom codes below:
    6th-8th Grade Chorus: eejzgxu
    6th-8th Grade Band: iizzpc6
    Extended eLearning Office Hours (Beginning March 23, 2020)
    I may be contacted via e-mail or Google Meet during these times.
    Mondays: 9AM - 2PM
    Tuesdays: 5PM - 8PM
    Thursdays: 9AM - 2PM

    3/30/2020 Update: Here is a new Choice Board for students enrolled in my 4th and 5th Grade General Music Classes.
    Here is a Choice Board available for students enrolled in 4th and 5th grade General Music Classes.

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    Teacher: Richard Tyndall
    Grades: 4-8
    Subject Area: Band/Chorus/General Music
    E-mail address: richard.tyndall@robeson.k12.nc.us
    School Phone: (910) 671-6065