• Mrs. Kathy Revels
    Computer Lab
    My personal Long Branch School Motto: 
    No one ever looks down on an Eagle!

    Hello!  I have the privilege of teaching Computer Skills to your child.  All twenty three years of my  career have been with The Public Schools of Robeson County, with twenty of them at Long Branch School and three of them at Magnolia Elementary School.  I consider myself to be an energetic teacher who expects her students to be open to new learning experiences.  I love integrating the arts into classroom work and I enjoy watching my students do things they never imagined. 

    To my students, I look forward to working with you.  To the parents and the community, I hope we can develop a working partnership that would ensure the success of the youth of Long Branch.  If there's anytime that you need to contact me, please feel more than free to use the information below to reach me.  Let’s have a great year and soar like eagles, realizing that no one ever looks down on eagles because we fly so high.