• Lumberton Jr. High

    Lumberton Junior High School was constructed in 1965 as the South Lumberton Junior-Senior High School. During this time, Lumberton Junior-Senior High School served only the African American Students in Lumberton and surrounding areas. In 1969 when the schools integrated, this school was re-organized as Lumberton Junior High School; it housed grades eight and nine. As the school population increased, the mobile units for students were replaced by a ten classroom building in 1975. When the elementary schools were reorganized to include the state kindergarten program, the seventh-grade students were sent to Lumberton Junior High School.

    In 1976, a sixteen-classroom building with office space was added to the Lumberton Junior High School campus. In 1985-86, the seventh-grade students were sent to a newly constructed middle school in Lumberton (Carroll Middle). In 1989, the city schools and county schools of Robeson County merged. Since the merger of Robeson County Schools, the eighth and ninth grade students from the Lumberton City, Littlefield, and Magnolia areas have attended Lumberton Junior High School until the 2000/2001 school year. 

    The School has five buildings, which include the main building, which is a two-story building with wing classrooms, library, and office space. The 300 building has classrooms only, and the 400 building has classrooms and office space. The gymnasium has a weight room and a shower. The auditorium has theater seating and a band room. The cafeteria is also a separate building with a shop room and one classroom. The campus also has a tennis court, football, baseball, and softball field. Currently, Lumberton Junior High School serves seventh and eighth grades only.

    Carroll Middle is our feeder school. During the fall of 2016, Robeson County and the town of Lumberton experienced the worst flood in 100 years after Hurricane Matthew hit the coast of North Carolina area schools experienced serious damage. West Lumberton Elementary school experience major damage. Now Lumberton Junior is home to the West Lumberton Dolphins PreK-4 grade. They are currently housed in the 400 building.

Last Modified on February 27, 2018