Go to Long Branch home page by finding it in the list. Click on Sign in at the top right hand corner. Your user name and password is the same as your email log in. Then click on classrooms at the top. Find your name and click on it.

Then go to “site manager” at the top right. This is where you add your pages such as Homework, Word List, Supplies, etc. Re-name the section that says overview to “Welcome” or whatever you like. Uncheck articles and calendar. Click on the overview page after you have re-named it and a box comes up for you to type in. You may type your message and add a picture of yourself or whatever. Then click on SAVE.

Go to view website tab and view what your overview page looks like. Then go back to site manager. Click on New Page to start adding your pages. Choose FLEX PAGE and name it. Then SAVE.

Click on your new page from the list and it opens up into an editor’s box. Here you can type, or add a link to a file (already on your computer). Click on the paperclip if you want to add a file. Select the file from your computer then browse to find the file and then click Next. Type in a name to appear as the link (in the box that says Link TEXT). Then Click on Insert File. Don’t forget to click SAVE. You can also insert graphics by clicking on the 1st icon that says insert image and follow the prompts.