Our History - Our Heritage Four Decades of Change

Three Communities Joined As One

Named for Mr. B. E. Littlefield, Superintendent of Robeson County Schools, Littlefield opened its doors in the fall of 1955. Three communities merged into one as the students in grades 9 through 12 from Barker Ten Mile School, Allenton School, and Smith's School merged for the first time to create a new high school. Located on 17.7 acres, six miles east of Lumberton on North Carolina Highway 41, the school housed 273 students in its first year.

As the community has grown, so has the facility with the addition of a field house, campus beautification, an addition to the original high school building in 1972, and a new wing to house seventh and eighth grade students from Smith's and Allenton Schools in 1976.

Along the way, Smith's School closed its doors and merged with Allenton School to form Smith's Allenton Middle School. The former Barker Ten Mile School had already closed its doors in the early 60's and became the first home for Robeson Community College.

Spring, 1991, brought to an end the existence of Littlefield High School as the Public Schools of Robeson County merged ten high schools into six, transferring the students in grade nine to Lumberton Junior High, and students in grades ten through twelve to Lumberton Senior High. What was once the scene of many Friday night football games and Junior Senior proms, became the home of Littlefield Middle School.

Fall, 1991, the students in grades seven and eight at the former Littlefield Junior-Senior High School were joined by the students of Smiths/Allenton Middle School, which was closed in the spring of 1991. Thus was developed a new school and a new grade configuration with LMS now housing grades four through eight.

As three communities have merged into one to create a larger community, and as more and more families move into the area, the school has grown in student population. With enrollment over 800 students, the school is now one of the largest middle schools in the county.