1.  All books and audiovisual materials are the property of Pembroke Elementary School.
  2. Kindergarten students are allowed to check out books by teacher and parent request.
  3. Students in first through fifth grades, who are in good standing, may check out two books per visit to the School Library Media Center.
  4. Books may be checked out for 20 days.
  5. Students are required to pay full price for lost or damaged books.
  6. Students that owe money for a lost or damaged book will not be able to check out another book until a reimbursement has been made.
  7. Students are expected to follow School Library Media Center rules and exhibit proper care for library books and materials. Students who consistently abuse materials or fail to follow rules are subject to lose his/her privilege to check out books or use the Library Media Center for a period of time that will be determined by the Library Media Specialist.



  1. The School Library Media Center operates on a fixed schedule with Open Circulation throughout the day.
  2. Small group and class activities that require the use of the School Library Media Center should be coordinated with the School Library Media Coordinator. Class activities must be scheduled at least one week prior to the activity.
  3. School Library Media Coordinator and Classroom Teacher must collaborate on class activities prior to class activity.
  4. Patrons should return materials as soon as they are finished with them so that others will be able to check them out.