Mrs. Melinda Sellers

Welcome to Peterson Elementary School. I hope that you continue to prosper in your education this year!

It is important for you to know that the administration, faculty and staff at Peterson Elementary School are committed to providing the best educational experience for your child/children. Remember that this school year is full of changes. There have been changes to the curriculum, in our approach to daily tasks and even in staff!

Our Student Handbook and the school website are designed to inform you of our school rules and regulations. I hope that you will read and study both items, and use them as guides to assist you during the school year. We will update the site regularly so you will be aware of school happenings and opportunities for you to participate. We look forward to seeing you at events at school as well as in the community!

We are continuing our efforts with PBIS. Students earn token/points by doing what is expected and in return can trade the tokens for items, participation in activities, etc. Our Tigers are in training to ROAR- that is, be Responsible, Organized, Attentive and Respectful!

I encourage you to keep in close contact with your child’s teacher. It takes the home and school working together to educate a child. Please make sure that your child has ample time at home to do homework and to read books. Reading is the foundation for academic success throughout a child’s education. Set aside a specific work area in your home for your child to do school work.

Best wishes for a successful school year. I hope to see you at Peterson Elementary where we Rally for Optimal Achievement and Results- ROAR On!

Mrs. Melinda Sellers