The year of 1923 marks the beginning of the JAMES DIAL SCHOOL now known as Piney Grove Elementary School. The frame facility consisted of six classrooms, an auditorium, and an office for the principal. Over the years, much construction has changed the look of Piney Grove Elementary.

In 1956, a modern brick building, consisting of six classrooms was constructed. An addition to this building was made in 1965. This building was known as the grammar grade wing, with six classrooms, a cafeteria, and an auditorium which also served as a gymnasium. Shortly, thereafter, it was decided that the original structure built in 1923 had outlived its usefulness, and after 42 years of service was torn down. In 1977, a new Media Center was constructed, connected to the grammar wing by a breezeway. In 1989, eight new classrooms and a resource room was built and in 2001, a new Kindergarten/first grade wing was built which provided 8 new classrooms.

In 2006, Piney Grove has on its staff 40 certified classroom teachers, 19 assistants, a full time speech teacher, 6 cafeteria workers, a nurse and social worker. Along with the principal, Piney Grove has an assistant principal, sims operator, and a secretary.

Piney Grove Elementary has seen great growth since 1923.