2019-20 K-12 Lesson Plan Forms


  • The original Google Sheets files are locked (view only) and cannot be edited.

  • You MUST make a personal copy of a file to be able to edit it.
    • Open the appropriate link for your needed lesson plan.

    • Click on "FILE". Choose "Make a Copy" to create personal copy automatically saved to your Google Drive.

    • Rename the copy as you wish.

    • Close the original file and work only with the copy you just made and saved to your Google Drive.

  • Hints:

    • At the bottom of the lesson plan sheet you will see multiple tabs – one for each level taught. This allows you to edit different levels independently, but still have them all in one place.

    • For each new week, "Make a Copy" of the previous week's plans and modify as needed. No need to worry about saving; Google Drive does it automatically!


K-8 Lesson Plans
Music K-8.  Visual Arts K-8

9-12 Weekly Lesson Plans

Dance 9-12   Music 9-12   Theatre 9-12    Visual Arts 9-12