The Public Schools of Robeson County provides student athletes with the opportunity to participate in a competitive environment that is vital part of the total educational experience. The athletic experience provides student athletes opportunities to develop leadership skills, exhibit good sportsmanship, and demonstrate the core values of character, teamwork, discipline, and responsibility.

High School Athletic Contacts
LEA#SchoolAthletic DirectorSchool Phone
325Fairmont HighMike Baker628-6727
342Lumberton SeniorMackie Register671-6050
391Red Springs HighChristopher Howell843-4211
401St. Pauls HighMatthew Hunt865-4177
402South Robeson HighDonnie Carter422-3987
420Purnell SwettJerome Hunt521-3253
Middle School Athletic Contacts
LEA#SchoolAthletic DirectorSchool Phone
324FairgrovePrather Swett628-8290
326Fairmont MiddleTroy Sealy628-4363
336LittlefieldRichard Greenfield671-6065
341Lumberton JuniorTed White735-2108
344MagnoliaBryan Bullard671-6070
352OrrumMike Lovin628-8408
360ParktonJermaine Watson858-3951
368Pembroke MiddleTony Bullard522-5013
384ProspectBrian Evington521-4766
393Red Springs MiddleRobert McLean843-3883
396Rowland MiddleJonathan Hunt422-3983
403St. Pauls MiddleRory Baker865-4070
410Townsend MiddleJohn Dial844-5086