Community Services

Linda Gail Moore, Community Schools Coordinator
910.671.6000 ext. 3111 (O) Fax Number: 910.370.9761


Charity Haggins, Primetime Specialist
910.671.6000 ext 3112 (O) Fax Number: 910.370.9761


Vacant, Bookkeeper

School School Volunteers: School Volunteers play a very important role in the lives of our boys and girls. Children learn better when they are involved with adults. Volunteers not only help throughout the school day, but also at home and within the community. Volunteers are also able to expose the students to the kind of life experiences that the volunteers may have had in their past. It is essential that our school system have as many volunteers as possible. Each year the number of volunteers continues to increase. If you are interested in making a difference in the life of a child by volunteering, please contact the school principal or the school volunteer coordinator.

Community Use of School Facilities: One of the main objectives of the Community Schools Office is to provide the community with an opportunity to use public school facilities for a variety of purposes. The Public Schools of Robeson County realizes that these facilities are public property and should also be used for activities which are in the best interest of the community, provided such activities do no conflict with regular educational programs of the school system or with the public school laws and regulations of the stated or federal governments. If you are interested in renting one of our facilities, please contact the Community Schools Office at (910) 671-6000.

The Primetime Program is a service provided by the Public Schools of Robeson County for parents with school-age children who are enrolled in kindergarten (5 years of age) through 8th grade. This program is designed to provide a safe supervised environment that acts as a transition period between the regular school day and the home. The program includes recreation indoors and outdoors, a variety of activities, and quiet time for homework. A snack is served in the afternoon to all children that attend this program. For a child to be enrolled in the program, parent must complete an application which may be picked up in the school office or Community Schools Department. The cost to enroll in the morning only program is a weekly fee of $13 for one (1) child, $18 for two (2) children, $21 for three (3) children in the same family. The cost to enroll in the afternoon program is a weekly fee of $32 for one (1) child, $42 for two (2) children, $52 for three (3) children in the same family attending the same school.

Children that attend the afternoon program are not charged for morning care. Hours may vary for the program at different schools, with after school care beginning at the end of the normal school day. The program operated only during the normal school schedule. The Primetime Program will begin the first day of school and continues to the end of the school year. There are currently 15 schools that provide the Primetime Program. For more information, contact Community Schools at (910) 671-6000.