Human Resources

Welcome to a school system where children are nurtured and teachers are mentored. We build upon our great diversity through the latest in technology and innovative teaching strategies. Previous awards and accolades serve as testimony to our dedication to the children and our commitment to the teaching profession. Under the No Child Left Behind legislation, we continue to improve our test scores and the quality of our professional staff. The Public Schools of Robeson County remains a system "on the rise".

To assist prospective clients, the following information regarding our school system is provided to you. We have 37 schools serving over 22,000 students with the assistance of 2,000+ certified staff. Our county is home to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke which awards both undergraduate and graduate degrees. We have a strong community college and a civic center which supports the performing arts. Our county is proud to be the only county in the United States with a tri-racial population, Native American Indian, African American, and Caucasian. We are located in the southeastern part of the state just ninety minutes from the beaches and just three hours from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Interstate 95 runs through the heart of our county allowing us to have a mix of rural and industrial development.

Come to the warm, shady, tranquil landscape of Robeson County where family ties, community spirit, and true friendships are reflective of a bygone era. Join us as we prepare our children for life-long learning and happy, productive lives. Join us as we make our own lives meaningful and more fulfilled.

Melissa Thompson

Assistant Superintendent


Erin Henderson

Administrative Specialist


Ext. 3201

Billie Jo Harris

Director of Licensure


Ext. 3214

Berlinda Jackson

Administrative Technician


Ext. 3213

Angela McCormick

Benefits Specialist


Ext. 3430

Mary Ledbetter-Nealy

Director of Classified Personnel


Ext. 3222

Courtney Huggins-Glover

Classified Personnel Secretary


Ext. 3221

Brenda Elk



Ext. 3223

Collins B. Faulk

Human Resource Specialist


Ext. 3215

Mary Gooding

Human Resource Clerk


Ext. 3212

Timothy Bass

OSHA Supervisor and Safety