Message from the Superintendent

To Parents, Community Members, and Educational Partners of the Public Schools of Robeson County:

The Public Schools of Robeson County is highly committed to preparing all of our students to be successful during and after their K-12 educational pathway. We continuously face many challenges such as budget cuts and other shortages. But one of the positive things that our school system has, is students who are eager to learn. Therefore, we as a system are more committed than ever to meet their varied needs so that they all can meet and/ or exceed academic expectations and be better prepared with the necessary skills needed to be successful in later life.

I realize that the Public Schools of Robeson County must extend all possible efforts to nurture a prevalent culture of high expectations throughout the system in order to improve academically. This culture in the classroom requires a high level of rigor and a strong focus on the North Carolina Standards (Common Core) as outlined by our Department of Public Instruction. Some important improvement strategies that we will be using include providing a strong focus on K-2 literacy, building vocabulary, integrating digital learning, retraining administrators and teachers on the Common Core, aligning the written-taught- test curricula, and problem solving techniques (math and other areas). Additionally, we hope that this culture of high expectations in the classroom will better enable students to apply and transfer the knowledge, skills, and abilities that they earn across the curriculum and into their daily lives.

The entire staff of the Public Schools of Robeson County School System actively solicits the continued support of all of our parents and stakeholders to join our family in helping us to provide a sound, basic education for the 21,000 students we serve. We plan to use this Strategic Plan as a blueprint for our planning, implementing, and evaluating of our academic growth and for moving our school system forward in our quest to achieve educational excellence. Thank you for your support in the implementation of this plan of action for improvement.


Loistine Defreece

Interim Superintendent