Our District

An enrollment of approximately 21,000 students makes the Public Schools of Robeson County one of the largest school systems in the state. The some 2,700 principals, teachers and behind-the-scenes personnel provide the young people in our 37 schools an effective education. They also make us one of the largest employers in Robeson County.

The ability to collaborate with the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and Robeson Community College gives us access to programs and facilities that have the potential of adding to what we already offer our students. Additionally, people from these institutions as well as employees of the business and industrial community are active in helping our students make career decisions. Much of that help comes in the form of mentoring and tutoring. Volunteers, likewise, make a positive impact on our schools and their students. Their efforts save the school system untold thousands of dollars annually.

All of the afore-mentioned people, agencies, institutions an organizations working in conjunction with school personnel, students and parents deserve credit for the success the schools have had during the past year.

Because we realize that not all of our students are interested in attending college, we're proud of our workforce development program which offers such learning programs as JobReady, college tech prep, and high schools that work. They emphasize the foundation and employment skills and educational pathways necessary to pursue career interests.

With roughly three quarters of our high school graduates opting to further their education at two or four-year institutions annually, this program serves to prepare a relatively large number of students to enter the workforce.

Regardless of where our graduates go, though, it is our ultimate to provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude that will ensure each one is a strong student, a confident person, a responsible citizen, and a contributing member of our society. When all of us work together, we can make this happen.