Parent Involvement

Parent involvement in the Early Childhood Program and the education of the child is very important to the success of the child. Therefore, it is important for all parents/guardians to:

  • attend and participate in PTO or PTA (Parent Teacher Organization or Association) meetings,
  • attend the open house opportunities at your child’s school,
  • participate in teacher/parent conferences,
  • return telephone calls,
  • provide a working emergency telephone number and contact person,
  • respond to any necessary letters requiring your signature,
  • make time for home visits,
  • volunteer in your child’s class whenever possible,
  • chaperone field trips when possible,
  • make sure your child is in school daily and on time,
  • make sure your child leaves toys and videotapes at home, and
  • provide the teacher with at least one change of clothing for your child in case of an accident.