SACS Accreditation

The Public Schools of Robeson County presently has 40 schools fully accredited by the Southern Association of colleges and schools. The benefits of being fully accredited by this organization are as follows:

  • Reciprocity of credits, courses, and grade level placements
  • International recognition of quality and assurance of public trust
  • A national community of educators collaborating to enhance schooling and learning opportunities of students
  • Expanded network of quality schools
  • Brings together the best policies and practices of the regional accrediting commissions
  • A continuous school improvement process based on comprehensive quality standards and regular review of a school by a team of outside peer professionals
  • A mission and goals focused on student learning
  • Qualified staffing and limited class size
  • A safe, secure, and positive climate that promotes student learning
  • Accountability and value for the human, financial , and physical resources available to the school
  • Recognition as an accredited school in a registry available throughout the world