Strategic Plan & Blueprint

Dear Colleagues, Parents, and Community Members

For the past 6 months, the Public Schools of Robeson County has conducted a planning process to identify the strengths, needs and opportunities to improve PSRC. As a result, we have developed two plans which work in concert. Those plans are The Public Schools of Robeson County’s Blueprint: A Design for Improving Teaching and Learning 2018 -2019 and The Public Schools of Robeson County’s Strategic Plan.

The PSRC Blueprint outlines characteristics of High- Performing Districts, Readiness for Improving Teaching and Learning and Attributes of Quality Teaching and Learning.

The PSRC Strategic Plan is intended to provide a framework for future decision making that builds upon a common mission, vison, and values held by the district community. The process has utilized a broad spectrum of data to produce a blue print strategic plan that reflects the shared consensus of stakeholders. There are four goals outlined: Instructional Excellence, Professional Capacity, Operational effectiveness, and Family and Community Engagement. These four goals were identified through stakeholder conversations.

These plans build on the success of the original PSRC Strategic Plans and support our enduring mission “To Educate All Students By Building a Foundation for Learning In An Ever-Changing Global Society.” We invite you to participate in the process to improve these drafts by completing the feedback form and submitting it by August 10, 2018. This is an opportunity for the community to participate in the shaping of the Blue Print and 2023 Strategic Plan Update.

Our success in these areas, and many more, rests upon the collective strengths of you, the faculty, staff, and students of our learning organization. These Plan Updates chart a course for our continued success. It is intended to be our collective vision for the future of our great institution.

We ask that you review and provide feedback not later than August 10, 2018.

I truly appreciate your input and feedback to make these important plans great.


Dr. Shanita Wooten,
Superintendent of the Public Schools of Robeson County

Blueprint & Strategic Plan

PSRC Blueprint and Strategic Plan Feedback

PSRC Blueprint
PSRC Strategic Plan