PSRC Theatre Arts

Humans are compelled to tell tales, to record their stories, and to act them out for others.

Theatre is a mirror that not only reflects the human condition but also, much like the Snow White's Magic Mirror, comments upon it too.

No other "art" combines it "all" as does theater. We do STEAM (science, engineering, tons upon tons of technology, arts, math), sewing/tailoring, carpentry/woodworking, plumbing, electrical, machinery repair, drafting, painting, pottery, music, dance, bookkeeping/accounting, design, and....

Simply: if it's a skill, craft, or area of expertise in the real world, it's a part of theatre too!Please explore the menu options at the left to learn more about the theatre arts program's objectives and topics studied, as well as why we study theatre.

Fairmont HS

Richard Wieckowski

Lumberton HS

Jennifer Sell

Purnell Swett HS

Bethann Perry