Home School Connection

The Home School Connection:

Welcome to the "Home of the Mighty Imps". We would like to welcome all of our students and families to Red Springs Middle School. We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve and work with your children. We would like to also thank all of the returning families for their support last year, and we hope to increase parent involvement and participation this year. We look forward to meeting all the new families and students joining us this year.

The importance of teaching and learning cannot be overstated; the school and the family must work together to help educate our children. It is our privilege and our challenge as educators to strive continually to provide quality education in our classrooms. We are the Mighty Imps: High goals and standards, High expectations and achievement, High levels of collaboration, and High levels of family and community involvement.

Please work closely with your children and their teachers to help support the educational process at Red Springs Middle School. Communication between parents and teachers is necessary and strongly encouraged. Each child will receive an "Excel Planner" which will document the student's homework assignments each night and his or her performance during the day. This notebook will be sent home each night and should be returned the next morning with a parent's signature on the Reading Log and the Homework Log. Constructive communication and collaboration between the home and school will help every child reach their maximum potential. We encourage you to visit classrooms, volunteer, and attend evening events. We look forward to a great school year.


Parental Involvement Committee