• The North Carolina Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Initiative is part of the North Carolina State Improvement Program funded through IDEA.
  • The primary purposes of the grant were personnel development and systems change.
  • Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Programs are a way to impact the learning environments in the schools in order to support high student performance and to reduce behavioral problems.
  • The North Carolina Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) sites are working to integrate their Safe Schools Plans, Character Education efforts and strategies, and discipline efforts in order to make schools caring and safe communities for learning.
  • Whole School Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is a systematic approach that establishes and reinforces clear behavioral expectations.
  • It is a team-based system involving the entire school staff using a systems approach.
  • The school staff must adopt a common approach to discipline that is proactive, instructional, and outcome-based.
  • The data about the school is used to guide decision making.
  • The school team looks at the entire school campus and the whole school day.
  • The goal is to help educate all students, even students with challenging behaviors.
  • There is an emphasis on continuous, data-based improvement, individualized to each school.
  • PBIS is also an instructional approach that focuses on systematically teaching social behavior using effective instructional methodology.
  • Systematically teaching and implementing behavioral interventions for the most difficult students is also a key component.