Mission, Election & Installation

Mission Statement:

"We build ourselves as leaders by creating developmental opportunities for high school students to learn, improve, and grow into quality leaders themselves"

Election and Installation:

(A) Executive Board members are elected in the spring of each year by SRHS student body, excluding the graduating seniors.

(B)Class Council officers are elected in the spring of each year by the specific class over which they are governing, with the exception of the Freshman Class Council.

(C) Freshman Class Council members are elected in the fall of the year by the incoming Freshman class.

(D) SGA candidates will sign up with an advisor to run for their office.

(E) All SGA candidates shall have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

(F) All SGA candidates must complete a nomination packet by a specified date. (The packet will include nominee information and a copy of a campaign speech for Presidential nominees.)

(G) Presidential candidates will present speeches to their peers at a designated time.

(H) The final list of SGA nominees will be determined by SGA sponsors and SRHS administration after consideration of nomination packets.

(I) Candidates will be placed in office with a student body simple majority vote.

(J) SRHS students will vote to determine ties in votes.