Teacher, Student and Parent Resources

The following sites are listed for reference and for suggested use with students. All sites listed are subject to its copyrights and terms of use. Parents and teachers should navigate to this information, usually located on the site's homepage, and learn the site's terms and conditions of use.


This site is best used by teachers as its structure is complex. It assumes a great deal of knowledge about curriculum keyed material, but does include access to videos and encyclopedias that may be helpful to parents and be great for enrichment of student projects and assignments. Username and password is wiseowl19.


Free to any user. No log on. Well organized and a great resource for any history project or for enrichment at any grade level from 1 to 8. World, American, Ancient history of many areas and periods. Well organized and easy to navigate. Quizzes, worksheets and lessons available to teachers, but this site is great for any parent or student to explore.


Free to use. Fairly organized and Fun to explore. Covers grades 1-8. Includes projects that are aimed at doing in the classroom or any educational setting, including your house! Some of the projects may require purchase of supplies.


Roomrecess is and educational game site. And how! Aimed at grades 1-8, this site is one that even addresses language arts and grammar. Need some practice identifying the main idea of a paragraph? Need to practice recognizing verbs and nouns and other parts of speech? Well, maybe you don't, but chances are your child does. So just load up a game and see. The site is modeled on all those computer games your child spends to much time on, and annoy you to no end, but here the child learns something! Site includes an internal search engine so you can quickly find what you need without wading through all 140 games. Math and Science also included.


Well organized and complete. This site even offers experiments and projects along with videos and images. A great site for students wanting info for a science fair projects and ideas. I find this site suitable for grades 4-8, but you are welcome to "surf" it, as they say, and see how it makes your day. The site would require a good deal of exploring in order to see everything it has on offer, and has an internal search engine to help allow you to narrow down your hits.


An Educational game site. Good through the 5th grade. If you have a 5th grader at South Robeson, or have a rising 5th grader in your house, then this site is for you. Organized by grade level. Requires a user sign-up. Basic service is free, but comes with advertisments. Higher levels of service are for a fee, but the first higher level merely eliminates the ads, and the highest appears to be intended more for teachers.


A very complete site. Well organized with information addressing science, history, biographies, science and even math. Very well organized and complete. Most of the entries, or articles are complete enough to be very useful, but not so long that they cannot be read and comprehended in a single sitting. The biography section contains most any of the big names in history that you've ever heard of, and a few you can be sure no one EVER heard of, but are just as importent.

Almost every topic within the main subjects you can imagine. "Money and Economics" anyone?

Includes a wealth of math games, but many of these require a subscription. The rest of the site is free. Subscription contents do offer a free trial period, so you might want to take advantage of this and see what the math games are all about.

Site recomended for 6th grade and above.


This one normally requires a subscription, but is being offered free until June 15th. Just google the sight, and you will find a button just for "families." You will still have to sign up, but will not be charged. Follow the directions. Call Mr. Branch if you have questions. You may select from activities for grades 6-8 or 3-5 if you have a 5th grader at South Robeson. All kinds of games and challenges and lessons for most any of your child's curriculum related activity. Have fun with this one. Math section even includes activities on Algebra, probability and elapsed time.


This one is mainly for teachers, but there is a "Parent and Afterschool Resources" tab that certainly lends itself to parents and home use, and even home schooling. Site is loaded with activities, lesson plans (which are quite detalied) and professional development opportunities and classroom resources. A big site that takes a great deal of exploring to full utilize, but worth a look from anyone attempting to teach children, whether at school or at home.