Why Join!!

Why should students choose to join FCCLA?

FCCLA is a group of motivated, responsible student leaders who

act upon their dreams. Being part of such a great community of

peers is truly inspiring.

Raven O’Raurke

2013-2014 MI FCCLA Vice-President of Competitive Events

“ I guess the better question is why wouldn’t students choose to

join FCCLA? FCCLA gives students the opportunities to grow.

They grow in their families, potential careers, communities, and

leadership abilities. It truly is the Ultimate Leadership Experience,

and nothing can compare to FCCLA!”

Kayley Makeever

2013-2014 State Vice President of Ohio FCCLA Endowment

FCCLA isn’t just an organization where you’ll unleash your potential

and grow exponentially, FCCLA is a family. It’s a network. It’s a

chance to work and laugh alongside others - your local members,

your school, your community, your state, the nation – to make an

impact that resonates around the world and within yourself.

Lindsey Schneider

2013-2014 National First Vice-President

FCCLA not only gives you leadership skills for the future it can

encourage you to take on your fears now, make a change, and

stand up for what you believe in. We are America’s future and

we are making a change NOW!

Molly Gordon

Aiken High SC Chapter President