In 1845, the Robeson Institute, also known as The Academy was built where St. Pauls Presbyterian Church now stands. Student from surrounding areas, including Lumberton and Fayetteville attended classes at the institute. Robeson Institute was burned in 1865 and classes were moved to the Church Session House. The Institute was dissolved during the Civil War.

As the town began to recover from the devastation of the Civil War, more affluent families began to hire private tutors for their children. Slowly one roomed school houses were built by the affluent to given children the opportunity to study three months out of the year. These affluent families provided room, board and salaries for the teachers.

1903, the first St. Pauls School for African American children was established. The one roomed school was replaced with a larger structure. By 1969, the site featured a brick high school and elementary school.

In 1909, $1490.00 was appropriated for a St. Pauls School. The school was located on West Broad Street.

In 1913, a nine room brick school with an auditorium was built on Northrop Street. The school on Northrop Street served the town until 1923 when more space was needed for the growing population.

1923, a new building was erected off of Highway 301. This new building housed the high school and upper elementary grades. Soon, a new elementary building was added to the site. By 1936, a new high school building and a frame structure for agriculture sties had been added. There after, a cafeteria, vocational building, auditorium, music building and several new classrooms were added to the site.

1953, the St. Pauls Schools transitioned from the county system to a City Administrative Unit.

1967, the St. Pauls School system began the integration process. By 1969, total integration had been accomplished. High School students and middle school students were located at 628 W. Shaw Street.

The former African American St. Pauls School, located at 222 Martin Luther King Rd, became the new home for the integrated St. Pauls Elementary School.

1983, St. Pauls High School began to hold classes at the current location 648 N. Old Stage Rd.

1991, St. Pauls City Schools merged with Pubic Schools of Robeson County.