• Overview

    We hope you enjoy using the reading list for the Public Schools of Robeson County. The purpose of the word lists is to provide teachers with a ready-to-use vocabulary aid to enhance the developing reading skills and strategies of our students.
    Each list was written with the assumption that some students may already know a few of the words at their particular grade level and that some students may need to learn words from the list preceding his/her current grade level. Teachers are asked to assess the needs of individual students prior to making assignments. Be sure to supplement these word lists with vocabulary from the basal readers, literature books, magazines, newspapers, and trade books.
    In this document, you will find word lists for each grade, kindergarten through eighth grade. Parents/guardians are encouraged to use these words to assist students as they study the words at home. At no time are these words to be used for Spelling. Please see the list of Suggested Activities for using these words in a variety of ways.
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  • Kindergarten

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