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PSRC Students will return to school on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

October 14, 2018


Parents and Guardians,


The Public Schools of Robeson County will finally open its doors for students on Tuesday, October 16, 2018! We couldn’t be any more excited! Not many times do you get a do-over. We will have a second “first” day of school! Let’s make the best of it. We are Robeson Strong. Even more than that, we are PSRC Strong! Indeed, we are recovering and have been moving forward since the storm.

When we turned off the lights and locked the doors on September 11, 2018 we knew Hurricane Florence had the potential to impact our students’ emotional and academic well-being for years to come. Unfortunately, the Public Schools of Robeson County was one of the school districts hit hardest in North Carolina. Learning has taken a back seat to surviving.With this in mind, all schools and teachers are willing and ready to help our children cope with the storm by providing stability, support, and routine as well as a space to process their trauma.


We will utilize the whole child framework to make sure our boys and girls are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. The Public Schools of Robeson County’s curriculum department will be working closely with administrators and teachers so they have a clear understanding about what is needed to advance student learning and well-being. In every classroom, we want there to be seamless uninterrupted periods of learning.For us, it’s all about providing a well-rounded, supportive education.


Our goal is to provide as much information as possible, so you know what to expect next week.


Required Teacher Workday:


  • All school employees will report to work on Monday, October 15, 2018. Administrators, teachers and other staff will return one day before students to inspect classrooms, report additional concerns and prepare for students. This will also give the district more time to locate displaced students and provide needed resources. The district’s human resource department will begin calling in newly hired school employees that have not yet had the opportunity to report to work.


Deadline Extensions:


  • The deadline for immunization records and health assessments for Title I Pre-K students has been extended to November 1,2018. 
  • Students now have until December 1, 2018 to submit proof of immunizations. North Carolina Law requires all students entering kindergarten must have a health assessment and completion of required immunizations. 7th grade students must receive a meningococcal and TDAP vaccine.


Students Services:


  • Bus drivers are prepared to safely transport students to and from school beginning Tuesday. Bus routes should be running on schedule. The only major detours that we have will be with Green Grove, Fairgrove, and South Robeson. Transportation has spoken with school bus coordinators and principals about the detours. DOT closed Addison Tram Road this past Wednesday and as of Friday it had not opened at the bridge.
  • Breakfast will be served on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.
  • We will continue working to provide weekend food programs. For more information contact schools directly.
  • Primetime will resume its normal schedule and will be available Tuesday morning.
  • All services will be available at the two Shining Stars program sties. Breakfast, lunch, transportation and afterschool care will resume.


Displaced Students (Enrollment and Student Supports):


  • School principals and support staff will assist with the student transfer process in the coming days and weeks. This applies to students who are not currently living in their district as a result of the storm. For questions at the district level, please contact Karen Brooks-Floyd, Assistant Superintendent.
  • Students displaced by storm damage to their homes are protected by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act. Students displaced by the storm have the right to remain in their schools of origin (i.e., the school the student attended when permanently housed or in which the student was last enrolled) if that is in the student’s best interest, regardless of whether they are currently staying in that school’s district attendance zone.
  • If it is in the student’s best interest to change schools, homeless students must be immediately enrolled in a new school, even if they do not have the records normally required for enrollment(many required documents may be lost or unavailable because of the storm).
  • Transportation must be providedto or from a student’s school of origin, at the request of a parent, guardian, or, in the case of an unaccompanied youth, the local liaison.
  • Homeless students must have access to all programs and services for which they are eligible, including special education services, preschool, school nutrition programs, language assistance for English learners, career and technical education, gifted and talented programs, magnet schools, charter schools, etc. (NC Homeless Education Program website:
  • Social workers have access to resources for students who lost their homes and belongings during the storm. The needs of our students and their families must be reported to school teachers and staff as soon as possible. For questions at the district level, please contact Jadell Dial Hawks, Director of Student Support Services.


Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability:


  • Students will not be penalized for incomplete curriculum packets distributed over the past few weeks when schools were closed.
  • Grade 3 BOG and mClass Reading 3D BOY dates will be rescheduled. Beginning of Grade 3 will likely be administered within five to seven days of students returning to schools. Read To Achieve (RTA) Grade 4 is still scheduled for November 1, 2018. The district’s testing Calendar will be adjusted based upon the adjustments to the overall school calendar. Schools will provide updates accordingly.
  • Grading periods may be modified. There have been no changes to the district’s calendar at this time. School makeup days will be determined after school is back in session. Field trips, programs and athletic competitions may be rescheduled. Schools will provide updated information.
  • DPI released guidance on implementing the calendar provisions of Senate Bill 2 that became law October 3, 2018. Lawmakers will reconvene Monday, October 15, 2018 to address additional Hurricane Florence-related issues.
  • To prepare for the long, arduous road to normalcy ahead, we are providing a link that provides learning tools and resources to help educators and families respond to the storm and its aftermath with children.

Education World:



Schools Buildings and Repairs:


  • The Public Schools of Robeson County just received funding from the state to speed up recovery for schools. To assist with immediate repair needs.
  • Ongoing maintenance in schools should not cause significant disruptions to the instructional day or interfere with normal school operations.
  • Unforeseen issues or newly reported damages in schools, that jeopardize the safety, health and/or well-being of staff and students, will be resolved as quickly as possible. If a change to a school’s daily schedule is warranted, information will be communicated to parents and guardians as soon as possible.
  • Final environmental testing results for schools will be uploaded to the district website when time permits. (Website:


Suggestions, Concerns and Questions:


  • Parents and families may reach out to district leaders and central office employees by phone or email. The central office has temporarily been relocated to the campus of Lumberton Junior High School. The district will respond to questions and concerns as quickly as possible.


Please stay tuned to our social media, website, email and local news media for updates about the latest school information. This weekend we will continue working hard to prepare schools so we willbe ready, prepared and excited to welcome all of our students back to school on Tuesday! There is a renewed spirit among us. Our roles are clearer. We will help students be resilient and look to the future with optimism and courage.From the storm comes opportunity… an opportunity for growth.


When we are finally reunited with our children, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief.



Dr. Shanita W. Wooten,