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NC Governor Returns Rare Artifacts to IEA Museum

This week, N.C. Governor Roy Cooper visited the Public Schools of Robeson County's Indian Education Resource Center to see the recovery efforts and return two restored artifacts. During his tour, Cooper delivered a drum and a priceless scout vest, which belonged to the legendary Boy Scout Leader Walter Pinchbeck. Pinchbeck, a Cree Indian, has been credited with introducing more American Indian boys into scouting than any other individual. The vest and drum, which were housed in the IEA Museum, were both damaged when a portion of the roof blew off during Hurricane Florence. The state sent both items to be restored after being damaged by exposure to rain, which led to mold. The vest, which is extremely fragile, was stabilized to protect it after being covered in mold. Both items are expected to be returned to the IEA Museum once the renovations are complete.