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Public Schools of Robeson County Hiring Freeze Ends


It is essential for the success of our students to have highly qualified, effective teachers in all classrooms. The Public Schools of Robeson County has lifted its hiring freeze. As of January 23, the district had 52 teacher vacancies. Of that number, 31 are being filled by long-term substitute teachers who are appreciated for their dedication and the work they are doing. Schools are also employing a variety of methods to cope day-to-day. Some teachers are taking on more students. Some are giving up their planning time. Some principals are covering classes. And in some cases, instructional coaches and curriculum supervisors are filling in.

The Public Schools of Robeson County remains focused on providing all students with the best education possible. We will remain positive and productive with our thoughts and actions as we address the teacher shortage that many districts, including the Public Schools of Robeson County, are facing.


In the meantime:


  • We encourage candidates who are eligible to enter through Lateral Entry to contact Billie Jo Harris, Director of Licensure in Human Resources as soon as possible. ( Interested candidates can also call 910-671-6000 ext. 3212 for more information Teacher candidates also have the option of exploring other programs that will put them on a quicker track toward full certification as Teacher Assistants and eventually, Teachers
  • Sign on bonuses are available for those who work in hard to staff areas. Fully licensed math teachers, science teachers, exceptional children teachers and psychologists will receive a prorated sign on bonus if all qualifications are met.
  • We are seeking retired teachers (with a current license) to come work with us in the Public Schools of Robeson County as tutors during the school day to work with students one-on-one or in small group settings. Additionally, schools are offering after school tutoring, remediation and/or credit recovery.
  • We will continue our partnerships with the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and Robeson Community College as we recruit, hire, and support educators.
  • The district will continue to send teams to job fairs in North Carolina to aggressively recruit teachers.
  • We will continue utilizing innovative, alternative strategies to educate our students, such as Google Hangouts, Information Highway, and NC Virtual School.
  • To build capacity and keep teachers in the classroom, we will provide differentiated professional development, increased support for beginning teachers, tuition reimbursement, and financial assistance for those seeking National Board Certification.

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