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Important Message about School Safety


This is an important message about school safety. We need to make you aware that earlier this morning one of our students at Purnell Swett High School brought a weapon on school property. Please be assured that all students are safe and no injuries were reported. Police were notified immediately and currently have the teen suspect in custody.


As always, we ask you to talk with your child(ren) about the role they play in school safety. If they hear something concerning they should report it immediately to police or an adult. This will allow the school and police to respond more efficiently to safety concerns. Student safety continues to be the most important part of our jobs, and it is a responsibility that the entire district takes very seriously. We appreciate your support. Thank you.


For additional information, please visit the Purnell Swett High School website to read the safety alert from Principal Clyde Leviner under announcements.


Purnell Swett High School Principal's Statement