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Letter to ISD Qualifying Schools

Please see the attached memo regarding schools that qualify in the Public Schools of Robeson County for selection into the Innovative School District. As you know, the selection process was recently amended. In the first school year in which a school has been identified as a qualifying school based on data from the previous school year, the school shall be placed on the ISD qualifying list. On or before November 15, the ISD Superintendent notified the superintendent and local board of education of each school's status and provided each school's performance data, considerations for improvement, and any additional information deemed necessary by the Senate Bill 522. It is now the responsiblity of the local board of education to notify parents of students enrolled in the qualifying schools. The purpose of the attached letter includes  (i) the designated qualifying status, (ii) potential impacts of the designation, including becoming an innovative school, (iii) plans for improvement of each school, and (iv) any additional information deemed necessary by the local board of education.
To be included inially, a school must have a school performance score in the lowest-performing five percent (5%) of all schools meeting the following criteria: 
a. Receives funds under Part A of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended. 
b. Is governed by a local board of education subject to this Article. c. Is not one of the following types of schools: 
1. An alternative school. 
2. A cooperative innovative high school. 
3. A school that was in its first or second year of operation in the previous school year. 
4. A newcomers school. For the purposes of this subdivision, a newcomers school is a school in which at least ninety percent (90%) of its students are enrolled for no more than one year on the basis of their status as recently arrived English language learners.

ISD Qualifying List