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Teacher Leaders in Action

Staff development was conducted by the Warrior team on March 3.  ELA partners, Latoya McCormick and Karen Allen shared the Kagan Strategies for student involvement and engagement.  Music is an integral part of the round robin approach to teamwork and response.  The eighth grade science team, led by Darbie Strickland, Stephanie McGirt and Natalie Locklear shared the benefits and organization of an interactive notebook.  The interactive notebook is a teacher-led and student-driven approach to note taking, which replaces the need for textbooks.  Guidance counselor, Ruby Oxendine-Locklear provided guidance for the Mr. Elmer software that tracks student and staff interactions and interventions.  Jamie Goins, also a member of the guidance team provided "Mindfulness" activities that promote focus and relaxation.  The strategies help students to calm themselves, avoid distractions and focus on the present tasks.  With every session, the staff was reminded of the challenges that face middle school students.  Though some situations can't be changed, the positive encouragement and excitement for learning that is shared by all members of the Warrior team promote student success.