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Student Spotlight and Blurbs

Every month one student from each grade level will be selected for "Student Spotlight" of the month. 

This month's featured students are:



Jayden Grooms: Jayden goes to all his classes with a positive attitude towards not only himself but towards others. He engages with the lesson and helps others when needed. His character not only shows within the classroom but during lunch/around campus as well. Jayden is amiable, keen, and a joy to teach. He was nominated by Ms. Jones and Ms. Fann.




Daniela Alavez: Daniela shows an exemplary attitude in and out of Mrs. Paul’s Advanced Functions and Modeling class. She is always willing to help group members. She has peer tutored other students in Math all school year. Daniela even goes to Magnolia Elementary School to tutor. She visited UNC-Chapel Hill with the Math Club on March 30 and took classes taught by Chapel Hill students.




Elvis Perez: Elvis stays engaged in my English IV class and advances class discussions by critically analyzing the topics at hand. He doesn’t feel the need to constantly input or talk, which lets me know that he is a thinker and discerns when to speak. He is also a vital part of our school’s robotics team. Elvis is a super nice kid who deserves to be recognized.



Kyle Edwards: Kyle has grown leaps and bounds over last year. He is willing to do whatever he is asked to do in Mrs. Strong’s Principles of Business class. He works in Mrs. Strong’s IT department and is co-IT manager in StrongHold Business and Finance.  He is always at school and hasn't missed any days.  Kyle is always volunteering in class and takes pride in helping any student in class that needs it. Other students look up to and respect him. Despite some personal battles he has had to overcome, Kyle is always smiling and eager to learn.  Kyle is kind and considerate to every one in class and outside class. 





Advanced Senior

Betsy Hernandez: Betsy was the 5S Leader in Mrs. Strong’s Principles of Business class. 5S is a method that applies standard housekeeping practices in the workplace. Betsy did an excellent job of stopping visitors at the door, making them sign in and out, and stating the reason for their visit.  Betsy stopped every individual that tried to come in the classroom. There were times when someone would not use proper protocol to enter the room and Betsy prevented that. There were no interruptions, no unwanted visitors, and no one left without signing out and giving their reason for signing out.  Betsy took it upon herself to create a PowerPoint about 5S policies and procedures, and she shared it in a meeting with the class.  She was top notch when it came to manning the classroom door and making sure everyone followed class policy. 


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