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Student Spotlight and Blurbs

PTSO Student Spotlight Blurbs—September 16, 2019


Kaden Thompson: Kaden consistently arrives to class with a positive attitude and ready to work. His classroom behavior and demeanor speak volumes to his teachers, as he is a hard worker and very meticulous in his work. His kindness toward and respect for his teachers as well as his peers are recognized and appreciated. Kaden is a pleasure to have in class!


Diamond Harris: It is a pleasure teaching Diamond. She is a personable, insightful, and well-balanced student. Her character is evident inside/outside of class. Playing sports at her traditional high school, Diamond manages her academics and sports without complaint. Displaying a character of persistence, determination, and dedication to her overall achievements in high school. Displaying a positive attitude to herself and others on a daily basis.


Cameron Graham: Cameron arrives to class with a positive attitude and ready to work. He is a team player, dependable and kind towards his teachers as well as peers. Cameron is a hard worker. Cameron exemplifies a model Early College student.


Jana Locklear: Jana Locklear, though quiet and reserved, is one of the most conscientious students at Early College. Her work ethic is strong, and her level of maturity is beyond her years. Any teacher who has ever taught Jana has been impressed with her academic diligence as well as with her focus on any task at hand. Teachers can attest that she is an absolute joy to have in class!

Advanced Senior

Jacob Lane: Jacob is the IT manager in our Simulated Workplace in Principles of Business class.  Jacob has consistently came in to the workplace and started his job without having any direction.  He is self focused and self motivated. Jacob makes sure our Simulated Workplace is technology ready everyday.