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2019 - 2020 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Mrs. Fann. 

Mrs. Talissa Fann, a home grown graduate of Lumberton High School.  Mrs. Fann is a very hard worker.  Her main duty is Math teacher, however, Mrs. Fann goes above and beyond in any capacity that is ask of her.  Most recently Mrs. Fann chaired PSRC Early Colleges SIT team where she also went above and beyond. Mrs. Fann is the BETA sponsor and has been honored to have the BETAs participate in the NC state convention and competitions and this year earned spots for the National BETA competition in Oklahoma.  As sponsor of the BETA club Mrs. Fann received the growth award for BETA inductees the past two years. 

Mrs. Fann is a team player, she does not mind helping co-workers when needed.  Mrs. Fann has been with PSRC Early College for 5.5 years, she has worked with the PSRC since 2005. 

Mrs. Fann is the mother of 3 outstanding young men and the proud mother in law of two beautiful daughter in "loves" (as she likes to call them) and recently promoted to "Grammy" with a beautiful grandaughter and another one on the way. 

Mrs. Fann studied Math and Special Education at UNCP and earned her Master of Education in Technolgy in 2015 from Lesley Unviersity.  





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Again,congratulations Mrs. Fann.  You deserve it.