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2019 Walk to School Day

We walked to school today!

Walk to School Day Unites Communities to

Celebrate and Envision Safer, Active Transportation


MAXTON, NC (October 2, 2019) — On National Walk to School Day hundreds of thousands of students, parents, school officials and local leaders across the United States joined the 23rd annual celebration which highlights the importance of safer, more active transportation for youth in their local communities.

“Walk to School Day inspires schools and entire communities to celebrate safety, health and active transportation,” said Nancy Pullen-Seufert, Director of the National Center for Safe Routes to School, the coordinating agency for the event. “Participation increases every year, which is quite an impressive legacy of people coming together with the common goal of starting children on the right foot so they can thrive for years to come.”

Hundreds of students, staff and family members from RB Dean-Townsend School gathered at Bechum Park and walked to school accompanied by officials from the Maxton Police Department, and the Fairmont High School and Purnell Swett High School marching bands.  The event culminated in the gym where students were able to get up and move while the bands played music.  We hope this events inspires the community to be more become more lead more active and healthy lifestyles.

This event was sponsored by Healthy Robeson.


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