Student Motivation

Student Motivation To Learn

Review how the motivation to learn can be fostered in school. Find out how to help unmotivated students with attribution retraining.

Tools for Teaching: Motivating Students

This article lists key features that enhance student motivation. They include making students active participants in learning as they set achievable goals for themselves, giving students feedback as quickly as possible, and emphasizing mastery and learning rather than grades.

Seizing the Days: Engaging All Learners

K-12 teachers can learn new instructional skills as they study the science of learning and how the brain works. Create the conditions for your learners to find motivation within themselves.

Dimensions of Learning: Teacher's Manual

This overview challenges readers to rethink conventional views on such matters as student motivation and reward systems, and the relationship between thinking skills and content knowledge.

The Jigsaw Classroom

Visit the Jigsaw Classroom, a cooperative learning technique that claims to reduce racial conflict among school children, promote better learning, improve student motivation, and increase enjoyment of the learning experience.