Relationships with the Community

Relationships with the community

  • Build strong relationships with community agencies.
  • Know your community resources and stay up to date with the services they provide and criteria for services.
  • Attend community functions.
  • Get on the mailing list for any community resources publications in your area.
  • Build a positive relationship with the contact person at agencies to whom you make referrals.

Relationships with School Personnel

  • Establish or participate in some sort of instructional support team consisting of support staff such as dropout prevention, counselors, social workers, etc.  Meet weekly or biweekly to share concerns and strategies to increase student success.
  • Help counselors when possible, they will return the favor
  • Establish clear goals so that everyone is on the same page
  • Ask to speak at a staff meeting to share your role and explain how teachers can make referrals to you
  • Let teachers know that you are also there to help them in assisting the students in being successful.
  • Be supportive of the staff when working with students.
  • Follow through with what you tell co-workers you will do.
  • Advocate for your students.  Even if everyone doesn't agree with you they will respect your commitment.