Instructional Use of Videos

Policy Code: 3220 Technology in the Educational Program    
The board strives to incorporate the use of technological resources into the educational program in order to enhance instructional opportunities, appeal to different learning styles and meet the educational goals of the board.    
Schools are encouraged to develop strategies for using technological resources to improve student success.  The strategies should be included in the school improvement plan if they require the transfer of funds or otherwise relate to any mandatory or optional components of the school improvement plan.     
The superintendent shall develop a local school system technology plan that is aligned with and meets state requirements and submit the plan to the board for approval.  The superintendent shall incorporate this plan into school system strategic planning efforts and shall include various stakeholders such as curriculum leaders, teachers, administrators, representatives from technology services and instructional technology, finance and other departments as required.  Once the board has approved the plan, the superintendent shall take all steps necessary to receive approval of the plan from the State Board of Education.  No state funds may be spent on any aspect of school technology except in accordance with the technology plan.    
The superintendent shall establish relationships with businesses and seek grants and other funding sources in an effort to acquire technological resources for the educational program.    
All technological resources, including computers, software and communication lines, must be purchased and used in a manner consistent with applicable law and board policy, including laws and policies related to copyright, public records, bidding and other purchase requirements, staff duties and standards for student behavior.     
Technological resources must meet or exceed the following standards before they may be considered for implementation.    
1.  Technological resources must relate to or help to implement the North Carolina Standard Course of Study or the programs of the school system.    
2.  Technological resources must relate to the current use of learning and instructional management technologies in the school.    
3.  Technological resources must be compatible with the condition of the network.  The technology director shall set minimum standards for technological resources that are purchased or donated.  Upgrading, hardware conditions and similar requirements must be maintained to the highest standards.    
4.  There must be sufficient staff to operate and maintain the technological equipment, programs and systems.    
5.  There must be adequate funds budgeted to implement and support the technological resources.    
The superintendent shall oversee the development of the school system’s technology deployment plan.  The plan will be designed to ensure organized, effective and efficient means of deploying new hardware and software.  The superintendent shall develop procedures that outline the strategy of the technology deployment plan.    
Users should be trained as necessary in the effective use of technological resources.  Such training should include information related to remote access, virus protection, NC WISE, network and information security, and other topics deemed necessary by the superintendent or technology director.  School improvement teams should identify any staff development appropriations for technological training in their school improvement plans.  The superintendent and technology director should assist schools in coordinating staff development needs as provided in policy 1610/7800, Professional and Staff Development.     
Legal References:  G.S. 115C-102.6C, -522; 147-33.111; State Board of Education Policy TCS-C-018    
Cross References:  Professional and Staff Development (policy 1610/7800), Technology Acceptable Use (policy 3225/4312/7320), Copyright Compliance (policy 3230/7330), School Improvement Plan (policy 3430), Integrity and Civility (policy 4310), Public Records – Retention, Release and Disposition (policy 5070/7350), Network Security (policy 6524), Staff Responsibilities (policy 7300), Gifts and Bequests (policy 8220)    
Adopted:  May 10, 2011