Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

PSRC Equipment Maintenance/Repair Procedures


I.    Overview

In the world of rapidly changing technologies, the value of making repairs on older equipment and systems must be evaluated. Our strategic priority of effective and efficient operations is inclusive in the realm of wise use of limited funds. Our objective is to expend limited repair funds on equipment that continues to have a significant remaining useful life in our educational environment.


The PSRC Technology Department acknowledges that the need for specific equipment is often considered vital for specific administrative and/or instructional programs. Efforts will be made to find replacement equipment that supports these applications.


II.   Repair initiatives will adhere to the following guidelines:

Categories: Equipment will be categorized for evaluation for suitability of repairs. These categories are:

  • Warranty
  • Repair
  • No repair
  • Supplies

Warranty: Efforts are made to ensure that equipment is maintained under manufacture warranty as long as is cost effective.

Repair Cost Limit: Decision for repair will be based on the estimated cost of repairs. Repair cost may not exceed 30% of the cost of replacement hardware. Guidelines for categories of equipment and the guidelines that apply to those items are included in this paper. A $200 limit on repairs exists for non-computer technology equipment.

No repair: No guarantees exist that non-repairable equipment will be replaced.

Supplies: Components that wear out over time (i.e., mice, keyboards, toner cartridges) will be treated as supplies. Replacement for supplies is the responsibility of individual schools.

Non-repair decisions: If a decision for no repair (because of cost) is made by the technology department, a school or department may choose to have repaired through its own funds. However, PSRC Technology Department funds will not be available to support the repair. 

Repair options:  All hardware must be repaired by the PSRC Technology Department or an approved/authorized PSRC vendor.

Hardware Repair Guideline Categories

(Guidelines will be reviewed annually)



Warranty: Equipment that is currently under a manufacturer’s warranty.

All new equipment purchases must meet PSRC hardware standards.

New equipment (CPU’s and laptops) must be purchased with a 3-year warranty.

Repair: Equipment that is in good condition and does not have excessive wear (purchased within 4 years)

No repair will be authorized if repair cost exceeds repair cost limitation. (30% of cost of new equipment.

A school or department may choose to pay for specific repairs from its funds.

PSRC Technology Department may choose to replace some equipment rather than repair. (i.e. Replacement of monitors is usually more cost effective than repair.)

Repair cost limit: Older equipment still considered worthy of minor repairs to continue its usability in the classroom or office.

Repairs will occur only if the cost is less than $200.

Equipment may not be rebuilt by sending it for repair multiple times—thus fixing, one piece at a time.

No repair: Obsolete, worn out equipment

This equipment will not be repaired.

Equipment may still be useful, and the school or department may still choose have repaired through its own funds.

Supplies: Items expected to be worn out or used up (mice, keyboards, toner cartridges)

Schools or departments should purchase these as needed.