The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, Inc. (SPTS) is committed to reducing the number of youth suicides and attempted suicides by encouraging public awareness through educational training programs. Through our passionate commitment to the value of life, SPTS has based its philosophy in the effectiveness of evidence-based and Best Practices suicide prevention strategies, all while upholding a dedication to removing public stigma about suicide and the conviction that accurate information and education can save lives.

SPTS, together with suicide prevention expert Maureen Underwood, LCSW developed several Best Practices resources for both teachers and parents. Making Educators Partners in Youth Suicide Prevention is free, online, interactive 2-hour suicide prevention training. Since introducing the course in 2008, over 67,000 users across the country completed the training. Not My Kid: What Every Parent Should Know is another flagship offering by SPTS. This 17 minute video is available for free on the SPTS website and has been viewed over 20,000 times. In addition, SPTS and Maureen Underwood co-authored the Lifelines Trilogy, a comprehensive school based curriculum that focuses on the 'competent community' model.

Our Mission

The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide stands by its mission to offer suicide prevention awareness resources and training to teachers and parents who interact with our nation's youth on a daily basis. While not a crisis-intervention resource itself, SPTS is dedicated to helping those who need it most - before they reach the point of crisis. Education and awareness regarding suicide risks and what roles parents and educators play as both a 'trusted adult' and in the 'competent community' model, is what differentiates us from other organizations. From in-person trainings, to informational parent presentations, to youth survivor support group trainings for communities, SPTS continues to put itself on the frontlines of youth suicide prevention and ultimately, save teens.