American Foundation For Suicide Prevention                                                          As suicide rates continue to rise, AFSP is increasing its investment in the evidenced-based research and programs that will help us to better understand and prevent suicide.


Through our programs, we have taken a leadership role in identifying and encouraging into treatment people who have the highest risk for suicide. We educate the public by disseminating vital information about suicide and its prevention, mobilize a national network of grassroots advocates who alert officials to policies and legislation that can help to prevent suicide, and reach out to those who have lost someone to suicide to offer support and opportunities to get involved in our work.

Beyond these programs, AFSP is the leading private supporter of suicide research. We have funded almost $20 million in scientific investigations on the causes and prevention of suicide, and the treatment of those at risk for suicide. We continue to fund new studies into the genetic, neurobiological and behavioral factors that contribute to suicide, and into testing interventions aimed at reducing suicidal behavior and suicide deaths. We are currently completing a landmark bereavement study on treating complicated grief among survivors of suicide loss. Looking toward the future, we are engaged in a strategic review of how to best maximize the impact of our research.