MEP and the Robeson County Cooperative Extension





On Friday January 18, 2019 Serilda F. Goodwin [MEP Recruiter, PSRC] provided a brief presentation to tobacco farmers at the Robeson County Cooperative Extension.  The event was organized by Mac Malloy [Extension Agent, Agriculture - Field Crops] and the overall purpose of the meeting was to discuss a range of topics that are affecting local agriculture — including losses due to Hurricane Florence. 


Serilda Goodwin shared that her primary objectives for attending the gathering was to: 


  • Increase awareness of the MEP program; 
  • Share contact information and answer questions;
  • Expand and nuture the development of strategic partnerships with other agencies.


This opportunity and others like it helps the MEP program gather useful information about upcoming job leads and a vibrant, diverse network that can help the district maintain and/or increase enrollment —especially OSY. 


Special thanks to Mac Malloy and the Robeson County Cooperative Exstension for helping us to build a stronger program.